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K3 - Kukri Kerambit Trainer
K3 - Kukri Kerambit Trainer
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The K3 is our own, unique, design. Combining two of Steve's favorite blades into one. This blade allows the practitioner to intigrate traditional kerambit techniques with the flowing Kukri fighting styles.

Overall length: 10"
  • Blade: 6 1/2"
  • Blade swell: 1 3/4" wide
  • Finger ring: 1"
  • Cord Wrapped Handle: 2 1/2"

  • To order:
  • Select a handle color
  • black, red, blue, green, navy, purple
  • Fill in the quantity you want
  • Click "add to Cart"

  • When ordering quantities... choose one color here then specify
    other colors, if any, in the text entry box at check out.


    K3 - Kukri Kerambit Trainer
    Average rating:
    1 reviews

    Write a review | Read all reviews

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    K3 - Kukri Kerambit Trainer
    Kukri Kerambit trainer01/11/2013
    By Devanand Bassanoo
    I am very pleased with the Kuri Kerambit trainers that I recently purchased.When used in the Kerambit fashion, the handling felt smooth and balanced. When flipped around and used as a Kukri the blade had just the right amount of weight to give you that chopping feel. Great trainers! Two weapons in one!